Welcome to this homepage. Made by an exhibiting person that cannot divide between presentation of the work and the work itself, therefor turns everything into art knowing that if everything is art nothing is art. It’s a page filled with containers of casted thoughts on everything. In our times of fordistic specialisation where the universal genius of the 18th century is dead. Long live the nerd, the process manager and the groupie. The more we understand the specific the more we have to feel the opaqueness of it all. The more we feel ourselves on a special sector we want to understand what this sector is dependent of. This author can’t do that as he does both simultaneously. The special and the universal: “I’ll travel the two directions on the autobahn at the same time. Going somewhere I know that I have to come back. Even if this means staying there where I went. Because coming back means you’ve come somewhere else, as it wasn’t ‘back’ before.” So don’t wonder why the content is the form and the form is the content even on this very homepage, simply because both are dependent on the same essence: The will to gain an own perspective on things and thoughts. Above all when the biggest will is not get an own perspective but to turn objectivity into subjectivity. And subjectivity into objectivity. While orienting yourself to the opposite.