Arbeit Sarajewo

Material: MAZ (VHS, M2) on DVD, various content provided by the agency EVN to european broadcaster during one day in autumn 1991
group exhibition, Charlama galerija, Sarajevo 2011

As with many art works that are suggestive of an archive or encyclopedic documentation, Jakob Z Steiners work performs an unsettling alteration of spatial and temporal awareness for the viewer. While – example given – Gerhard Richter’s Atlas both encapsulates the artist’s more than forty year of work while suggesting the Sisyphussian task of ordering the vast array of images currently disseminated, Ornamental Structures – Structured Ornaments implies, through its title and material, an attempt to document nothing less than the world of news. Exemplified through one single day with its objective and subjective overlapping, both regarding topic and aesthetics. (altered text based on: Jessica Morgan on “Visible World” by Fischli/Weiss in: All-Inclusive; Hollein, Ulrich; Snoeck Verlag, Köln 2008)

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